Bernard Tréhout

When he was a law student, Bernard thought that the civil code was too deprived of images. As a young lawyer, he stopped in Paris once and met a film producer who suggested he took part in the shooting of an ad clip. It suddenly clicked.

And that was the beginning of a long, passionate story with the world of images and events.
Since the very beginning of his career, Bernard has been working in all fields : ad clips and photo shoots, short, medium and full-length films, corporate videos and video clips. He has worked for French and foreign customers, most often, Japanese. That was the time when he met Kazu, who worked with him in various projects.
When Bernard established Tutto Bene in 1992, he was one of the first to open a photo section in a production company. Since the creation of the company, he has dealt with still and moving images with the same professionalism and commitment. He always puts that rule into practice.
As he had regularly gone mountaineering since his childhood, summer and winter alike, he was very naturally inclined to manage photo shoots in that type of environment.
In 1996, along with his activities in the audiovisual media, his passion for organizing led him to collaborate with event agencies. He discovered exhibitions, road shows, fashion shows, corporate travels and seminars. He very quickly realized that the logistics, although crucial, were not taken care of in a satisfactory way. He thus decided to become a logistics flow specialist.
In 2011, in order to broaden the scope of the services offered to his customers even further, he decided to go into partnership with Kazu.
Today Bernard is juggling his career as an image producer and as a logistics manager with the same energy and enthusiasm. He is a man on the field, with an experience of more than 400 projects, and devotes his full knowledge of the event, travel, audiovisual, advertising and communication sectors to advertising agencies and companies.

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Kazunori Togashi

Three years after the may 1968 students’ protests in the Latin Quarter, the revolutionary spirit spread to Japanese campuses. Kazu, who was eager to form his own opinion on the world, decided to leave his country and travel in Europe.

He drove up and down the Old Continent at the wheel of his Ami 8 Citroën. While driving more than 20.000 km, he learnt French in order to add another language to the ones he already knew. At first he worked as a journalist and translator to make ends meet. Then, ahead of his time, he created the job of film coordinator. That was a revelation : he had found his vocation. He was charmed by the French spirit and settled down in Paris, which became his headquarter.
He traveled everywhere in Europe for his Japanese customers and kept working for ad clip and television shootings as well as photo shoots. That was the time when he met Bernard.
A few weeks after the earthquake and the huge tsunami wrecked the north-east of Japan and triggered the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima on 11 march 2011, he created a not-for-profit organization called Ganbalo. Its aim is to help the numerous victims in the sanitary, financial and environmental fields on a long-term basis. In parallel with his film and photo shooting activity, he thus devotes a lot of time and energy directing young people who support the disaster victims and vigorously take action to help them rebuild their region.
Nowadays he works as a producer and monitors short-length and institutional films. He also manages events and creates websites.

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