Experience :
At Tutto Bene, we have more than 25 years of experience in aerial film and photography and we have been piloting drones since 2016.

As we are fully licensed by the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation, we can handle the paperwork concerning flight permits and guarantee compliance with the latest existing standards.
Technology :
Our new generation drones produce professional 4K images with perfect stabilization.
Their high performance allows even greater potential. They can rise from zero to one hundred meters in just a few seconds.
Whether it is flying over Paris or snow-covered peaks in the mountains, the drone can cope with any type of environment.
Listening to your needs :
From the writing of the script to the final editing, our teams put their expertise at your service in order to enhance your areas of activity.
Always striving to be as close as possible to your needs, we offer tailor-made solutions which fit your budget.

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Thibaut Blanchet

After graduating from film school in 2009, Thibaut became a film editor. He quickly joined the teams of Luc Besson and worked incessantly on feature films and documentaries.

At the same time, his diligent practice of scale model making since childhood combined with his passion for new technologies lead him to take an interest in drones.
In 2016, he decided to become a drone pilot. He followed a professional training course in order to meet the requirements of the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation and obtained his Pilot’s License for Microlights.
After passing that exam, he joined Tutto Bene in order to create and develop an aerial photography section.
His first film, which he made for the stud farm of Etreham in Normandy, reveals his piloting skills as well as his great sense of rhythm and framing, which he acquired and perfected during his years spent in editing rooms.
When working for more institutional clients such as the Banque de France, he knows how to infuse his great sensitivity into a script and give life to original images.

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